Starship Commandos: An Example Character

In case you were wondering where I was putting my energies since the Nefertiti Overdrive Kickstarter failed to fund, I’m actually working on a quickstart package for Nefertiti Overdrive which I hope will lead to a second and successful Kickstarter. Also, I’m working on Starship Commandos and A Team of Losers, which I’m in the midst of getting ready for testing with my group.

Halo Commando Armour from Halo Nation

Just in case you are interested, you can see an example character below. How does the game work? It’s pretty simple. Here are the basics – the very basics:
1) The players state – in whatever order they prefer – their character’s intentions.
2) In the order of the players’ choosing, the players gather dice provided by their characters’ Qualities and roll those dice. The player may add a bonus from one applicable Element.
3) The result of the roll is compared to the Success Level.
4) If the result of the roll is 6 or lower, one of the Qualities the character used is lowered by one die type and the character receives either Damage (if Physical was used) or Stress (if Mental or Social were used).
5) If the result of the roll is 7 or higher but lower than the Success Level required, one of the Qualities the character used is lowered by one die type, and the GM narrates the failure.
6) If the character succeeds, the player narrates the outcome, which follows from the character’s stated intention.

And the character:

Sgt. Cara Cooper, Designated Marksman

Mental d12; Physical d10; Social d8

Scout-Sniper d12; Long-Range Reconnaissance d10; Undercover d8; Lived Experience d6

J25S Long-Range Reconnaissance
Stealth d12; Long-Range Sensors d10; Indirect Fire Support d8

Quiet Professional +3; Hunter +3; Patient +2

Guardian Angel (Cooper won’t let her team go out without her – she needs to protect them), Buy the Farm (She’s always talking about the farm in the country she’s going to buy when she retires), and Never the Innocent (Cooper will not target non-combatants, Ever).

Primary Equipment (17)
Mk 19 Mod 0 enhanced battle rifle, Effective range is 1,500 m. Wt: 5 kg. Magazine 40 cartridges (40 shots) with removable suppressor (2)
J22 personal protection weapon, Effective range is 90 m. Wt: 1 kg. Magazine 15 cartridges (15 shots) with removable suppressor (2)
J25S Long-Range Reconnaissance Harness (grey), including body armour, helmet with head’s up display and flashlight, load-bearing equipment, tactical radio, hydration system, personal data device, and watch

Accessible (total weight 12)
Bayonet (1); Chemlights, 5 (0.5); Field Pack (1.5); First Aid dressing and pouch (1.5); Flex cuff, package of 25 (0.5); Fragmentation grenades, 4 (2); Identification Tags (Dog Tags); Iodine tablets; Lensatic Compass (0.5); Magazines, weapon 6 (3); Magazines, sidearm 2 (1); Multi-tool (0.5); Notebook and pen

In Field Pack (total weight 15.5)
Ammunition, weapon 150 rounds (2); Ammunition, sidearm 50 rounds (1.5); Canteens, 2 (3); Clothing, two changes (1); Meals, Ready to Eat, 6 days (4.5); Personal hygiene kit; Sleeping Bag (2); Sleeping pad (0.5); Weapon Cleaning Kit (1)

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4 Responses to Starship Commandos: An Example Character

  1. kroh01 says:

    Cool Armor. I love the set up. You have her load-out set up like a sniper, but in a combat operation, if she gets in trouble, she only has a sidearm to defend herself (sniper rifles are not easy to use in a close combat encounter). Most snipers carry a short rifle along with their long range shooter, unless the rifle has alternate optics and can be used DP (much like the an alternate M-16 set up as a sniper weapon or a modern m-14).

    The image that you found really sells the feel that you are going for.


    • Fraser says:

      Thanks for the input, Walt. Does this also hold true for a squad designated marksman? I was thinking of her more in that role. I’m also kind of used to the Canadian sniper team, which includes a shooter, a spotter, and security – who would have an assault rifle rather than an SWS. Given all my excuses, your point is well taken.

      • kroh01 says:

        American Sniper teams operate the same way. This looks more like a fire team or a specialized infantry squad. In that case I would leave her be and have the rifle serve a dual purpose (like an M-16 or m-14 carried in place of an M-4 (Canadian C-7) in modern games.

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