Building Crawl

I haven’t seen a lot of movies that I would consider good “dungeon crawl” movies, but two that came to mind recently are Dredd and the Raid: Redemption. Both follow a very similar plot – though production schedules suggest that they did not influence each other much if at all. The hero(s) is trapped in a building and must fight his way to the top for the big boss fight.

This isn’t just a matter of following halls in either, because there are diversions through floors and walls. They really do work very much like dungeon crawls and provide some inspiration for crafting modern or sci fi takes on that game staple.

There’s a lot to be said for the crawl. It’s not something I would want to do as a campaign, but there’s nothing wrong with a session or two of crawling, mapping, fighting, and looting. If you’ve got a game going in the modern era and decide it’s time for some straight up brawling, sending the PCs in to arrest/talk to/otherwise encounter an individual in a building and then spring the army of mooks when they are half way up seems like a good idea to me.

And as I’m thinking on it, Lockout with Guy Pearce is kind of the same, but it’s IN SPACE! Everything is better IN SPACE.

I actually enjoy all three of these movies and would recommend them, although I think Lockout is a bit of a guilty pleasure while Dredd and the Raid are both well-made films.

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