Nefertiti Overdrive: Getting in Gear

And so the month of January is upon us, as is the date for the Nefertiti Overdrive Kickstarter campaign. The plan is to start it on 13 January and let it run until 10 February. As the date approaches, I’ll make a couple of posts each week talking about the game, hopefully to get those of you who read Sword’s Edge Publishing interested in supporting this fine endeavour and spreading the word to help insure its success.

Given that Nefertiti Overdrive failed to kick the first time I ran a campaign, I am very nervous about this new campaign. However, I have had lots of good advice about how to change the approach in order to improve the odds of funding. I’m hoping that the Quickstarter has interested people, as that was its purpose, and that was just a taster. There’s plenty more where that came from.

So strap yourselves in. This is going to be quite a ride.

You can find the free Nefertiti Overdrive Quickstart rules here.

You can learn more about Nefertiti Overdrive here and here.

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