Accidental Pairings in Nefertiti Overdrive

In working on another adventure for Nefertiti Overdrive (for the backers who pledged for a game over the internet) I realized something about the characters that was cool but totally unplanned.

Each pair of characters has a female and male component: the Princess & the Etruscan, the Spartan & the Amazon, and the Misfit & the Serpent. None of them are romantic pairings – one is familial, one is professional, and one is friendship. Also, they are opposites but linked – the Princess is about the nation while the Etruscan cares about one person but both are defined by duty and loyalty; the Spartan is infantry while the Amazon is an archer but both are heroic soldiers; the Misfit is bright while the Serpent is dark, but both are seeking redemption. Also, in the first pair, the female is the leader. In the second, the male is the leader. In the third, the two are equal.

I wish I could say I planned this, but I didn’t. It’s pretty awesome with the way it all worked. Is this my subconscious? I have no idea, I’m just very happy how it all turned out.

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