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Music is an integral part of my creation process. I think I have conditioned the creative side of my brain to music. Recently I was working on edits for Nefertiti Overdrive which included creating more content. When creating content I was looking for new music to use. My standard playlist includes a bunch of soundtracks, including Black Hawk Down, Gladiator, Man of Steel, Tron: Legacy, and Tears of the Sun.

I’ve got a new soundtrack I’ve added to the playlist: Edge of Tomorrow scored by Christophe Beck. I should probably write a review of the movie, which I really enjoyed, but for now, I’ll focus on the soundtrack. I was really pleasantly surprised. The impact of the score wasn’t as obvious to me as I watched the movie. I had that experience with Man of Steel which made me go grab the soundtrack soon after I finished watching the movie. I was going through possible additions to my music folder, and out of the corner of my eye I saw the album cover for Edge of Tomorrow. I tried to remember the score, and realized I really had liked it. Specifically, I remembered the scene of the invasion (the first time). So I went and listened to the samples provided, and I really dug it.

I listened to the soundtrack a lot as I worked on Nefertiti Overdrive. It certainly got the creativity going, but it’s not exactly perfect for that game. Nefertiti Overdrive is exuberant and loud. The Edge of Tomorrow soundtrack is dark and foreboding while also throwing in excitement and thrills. I think it would work good for an actioner set in a rather dark era – not necessarily future as in the movie, but even a more action-oriented Sword Noir game.

In rotation, it works perfect. It blends really well with the other soundtracks on my playlist, distinctive when it plays, but leavened by the music around it. I can see this helping to inspire some darker action moments as I listen to it, either for RPGs or fiction.

You can learn more about the Edge of Tomorrow soundtrack here.

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