Gen Con – Gangwar

As you may have heard, I’m running a couple of games with a system I was calling Fancy Pants but now has two names – F#ck You Up and Face ‘Splosion.

I’m running F#ck You Up: Gangwar on Thursday morning. It sees the characters caught in the middle of enemy territory – that being a part of the city run by another, hostile gang – and forced to fight their way back to safety. They learn that not all is at it seems and something might be waiting for them in the place they thought was safe.

The characters for Gangwar are:

The Boss
Elements: 2d8/1d12 – Precise; Cunning
Tools: 2d4/1d8 – Tactics; Presence
Traits: 2d6/1d10 – Mental; Social

The Duellist
Elements: 2d6/1d10 – Balance; Daring
Tools: 2d8/1d12 – Blade; Awareness
Traits: 2d4/1d8 – Physical; Mental

The Face
Elements: 2d4/1d8 – Persuasive; Connected
Tools: 2d6/1d10 – Charm; Insight
Traits: 2d8/1d12 – Mental; Social

The Muscle
Elements: 2d8/1d12 – Tough; Strong
Tools: 2d4/1d8 – Fists; Speed
Traits: 2d6/1d10 – Physical; Social

The Thief
Elements: 2d4/1d8 – Agile; Silent
Tools: 2d8/1d12 – Acrobatics; Timing
Traits: 2d6/1d10 – Physical; Mental

On Monday, I’ll introduce you to Face ‘Splosion : Train in Vain.

You can find my Gen Con calendar here.

Read more about Fancy Pants here.

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