Gen Con Wrap-Up: Final Thoughts

So, Gen Con 2015 . . . what more can I say?

Listen, I love Gen Con. I really, really hope that I will get a chance to go again. There are always highlights and I get to meet friends that usually I can only wave to virtually.

And gaming, gaming, gaming.

But this time I learned not to overextend myself.

Do I want to do more interviews/demo more games next time? Of course.

Do I want to run more games next time? Of course.

Do I want to hang out with my friends, sometimes later than is rational or healthy? Absolutely.

If I learned a lesson this time, it is restraint. Don’t try to frontload everything. Don’t run more than two games in a day. Plan lots of down time. And if I’m feeling tired or run down but don’t want (or can’t) get back to the hotel, head to the Quiet Room.

Changes in my real life mean I might not be able to make it back next year or maybe not even in 2017, but I plan to return – whenever I can. My budget for Gen Con is about $1,000 USD (which is $1,250 CAD) which is a lot, but whenever I can afford to go and have the time to do so? You’ll be seeing me at Gen Con.

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