#RPGaDAY2015 Day 27 Favourite Mash-up

Okay, the actual topic is favourite idea for merging two games into one. I’m taking that to mean mashup, but could it also mean you have two games running and you want to merge them into one campaign?

Meh. I’m going with mashup. Not that it helps. Once again, can I just say Sword Noir (hardboiled sword & sorcery)? How about Nefertiti Overdrive (ancient Egypt and kung fu)?

I honestly can’t think of a mashup in RPGs that I have played, at least not one that left a big impression. Expedition to the Barrier Peaks maybe? Or Ravenloft? Those were cool, but it’s not like they made a big impression on me. They were adventures I went through or ran that were interesting, but left behind once we were done.

There was one very short campaign in university in which we played super-powered assassins. We were superheroes in powers, but were government assassins. I guess that’s as close to a mashup as I can recall that made a significant impact on me – as in I loved it.

#RPGaDAY2015 is the brainchild of game designer Dave Chapman. Basically, each day in August there is a question about RPGs.

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