Capital Gaming Expo – Nefertiti Overdrive

If you are going to be in the Ottawa area on 3-4 Oct 2015, you can get in on a game of Nefertiti Overdrive. I’ll be running it twice – Sat and Sun both at 1030 to 1430. Also, if you backed the Kickstarter and will be at CGX, I can hand deliver the book and shake your hand while thanking you. That would be kind of awesome for me, because I am seriously, seriously appreciative of all the people who backed it.

You’ll notice in the RPG schedule that you can also get in on a game of Screenplay, the engine that runs the amazing High Plains Samurai. If you bring a lunch and have a really good bladder, you could actually do a cool game marathon with Nefertiti Overdrive and then Screenplay. Or, perhaps a wiser move, you could play one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

You can find out more about Capital Gaming Expo here.

The RPG schedule is here.

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