Merry Christmas!

I haven’t been working myself to death this holiday season, just almost. Along with my job, I’m taking two Masters courses and the along with 4-8 page reports every week, sometimes – when I’m very lucky – with one week off, I also have to write two short essays of 500 words – properly sourced – for the forums, and then need to discuss with properly sourced 250 word responses. That’s at least 2,000 words of academic work per week, usually closer to 9,000.

For the most part, it’s okay, but around Christmas, it’s a bit much. I fell a bit behind, but am catching up, which means I’ve been playing some modded Fallout 3 and – my Christmas present to myself – a few hours of modded New Vegas today.

And I hope you’re treating yourself to whatever you consider a treat. Whether you are a religious or secular celebrant of the season, I hope you’re able to decompress a bit, enjoy whatever you enjoy, and share some happiness with your fellows.


All the best!

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