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This might be a little too “inside baseball” for many, but bear with me.

One Book Shelf owns both Drive-Thru RPG and RPG Now – the two primary sources of RPG e-product. As a publisher, one gets a certain number of “Publisher Promotion Points” based (I believe) on one’s sales. One can spend PPP on various services, one of which is the Feature Product Message which is a kind of in-site advertisement.

I ran a message for Starship Commandos on its release. It has cycled through all its impressions on both the front page/homepage and the category page. The click-through rates were very interesting.

The Drive-Thru RPG homepage click-through percentage was 68.28%, while the same on RPG Now was 0.32%. That’s a pretty stark difference and I have no idea what it means, but it surely means something. Here’s the thing: category pages were also starkly different from the DTRPG homepage. The category page at DTRPG had a 0.24% click-through while the same at RPG Now had one of 0.08%.

Again, I have no idea how to interpret this, but that click-through at DTRPG is insane. I don’t know how many sales come from which source, however no matter where the sales are coming from the turnover is a bit sad – of the 1,719 clicks I’ve only sold 23.

So, am I doing one thing right and another thing wrong? Some kind of gremlin in the reporting system? Complete anomaly that means nothing?

I haven’t a clue . . . which is part of my problem as I try to sell stuff. I’m about as good at marketing as I am at water polo (hint: I don’t play water polo).

Starship Commandos at Drive-Thru RPG (where it’s most popular!)

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2 Responses to Featured Commandos

  1. Todd Crapper says:

    A 68% click-thru is unheard of… to the point of being suspicious. It’s too good, especially to see that much of a difference unless there were only 3 total clicks on DTRPG. Not likely, check on that again and see how it turns up if they catch the glitch.

    I noticed similar differences between RPGNow and DTRPG sales and the people who use them. There is definitely a difference between customers for either site and each prefers their own style of game. Killshot did very well on DTRPG; ScreenPlay has done better on RPGNow. When I asked my followers on G+, many of them preferred DTRPG for many reasons (mostly aesthetics) and there’s where I had done most of my promoting. Seems I was barking up the wrong tree. RPGNow shoppers seem to use sites like RPGNet and other forums (not complete data, by any means). Anyways, there is definitely a difference in audience between either sites and I’m not surprised the difference between them for your CTR is big.

    • Fraser says:

      I tend to think it’s a glitch as well, which actually annoys me – not so much because I can’t get good data, because I wouldn’t know what to do with that anyway, but because it means the mechanism used to measure delivery of a service I have “paid” for is faulty. Who knows if there were any impressions or any click-throughs!

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