Cult of the Abyss, a Fifth Edition Adventure

Sword’s Edge Publishing has released its first Fifth Edition adventure: Cult of the Abyss

Young Prince Erd has been kidnapped along with some other children from a village. An observant hunter told the Royal Guard of seeing a handful of armed men leading a small group of children into the Red Valley. The characters are sent to retrieve the prince and rescue the children. Easier said than done as the characters find themselves facing off against a strange cult in this dungeon crawl for Fifth Edition.

Cult of the Abyss is an adventure for 3-5 player characters of levels 5-7, though it best played with 4 PCs of level 6.

The format of this adventure has the monsters listed without further information in the room description, with the monsters’ information blocks at the back of the PDF in the order in which they appear. A separate file is included with the monsters information provided in the order in which they appear so that it can be referenced while playing.

This adventure is already in the hands of my Patreon backers, as are its two sequels. Those sequels will likely get a release in the following months, but if you like the kinds of products SEP releases, you might want to back the Patreon to get them first and usually cheaper.

Cult of the Abyss is available now at Drive Thru RPG.

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