Trying To Do My Part

Summary: I will donate all proceeds from April’s sales to the Ottawa Food Bank, and make an equal donation to the Brantford Food Bank. You can buy my stuff at

The whole spiel . . .

We’re in a pretty bad time right now, but my family and I are doing okay. I’d like to help out, so what I’m going to do is donate all proceeds from sale of my stuff in April—including money I make on Patreon—to the Ottawa Food Bank. I’m also going to match that donation with a donation to the Brantford Food Bank. I live in Ottawa but grew up in Brantford.

For May, all proceeds will go to Feed Nova Scotia and I will donate to the Food Bank of Waterloo Region.

If you want to help make a difference and got something in return, please feel free to purchase any of my stuff wherever you find it. I would prefer you purchase from, which has the lowest fees among the places I sell, so the most will get to charity.

I’m also happy to provide any of my stuff to anyone having a hard time. And if you are setting up any kind of charity bundle or need a signal boosted, please let me know. My reach is not long, but it might get the signal in front of someone’s who’s got a better reach than I.

All the best and all my love in this trying time.

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