Stories to be Told

As of January 2021, my Patreon will be focused on long-form fiction. I will be posting chapters from a novel; providing at least 5,000 words of fiction each month on Patreon.

Trans-Dimensional Skull Shot is one of the works-in-progress with
cover art by Tithi Luadthong

Through the first week in December, I will be posting a collection of first chapters and summaries, here and at my Patreon. These will be free. At the end of December, I will have a poll to see which story people are most interested to see continued. This will be my primary work-in-progress, and I will publish at least one chapter per month on the WIP. I may publish more than one chapter, or I may publish another chapter for another WIP, but there will always be at least one chapter for the WIP and at least 5,000 words total of fiction.

The intent is to publish the chapters on my Patreon first, and then release one chapter per month for free here, on the SEP website—though more chapters and chapters for other WIP may be released to my backers on Patreon. When the primary WIP is completed, I will be releasing it as a full PDF and ebook to Patreon backers at the Regulars level.

I have always been primarily a fiction writer who has been pretty mercenary in the past. When I saw that I could make more money with RPGs than fiction—though that money was still minimal—I switched to RPGs primarily, abandoning longer fiction projects and only very rarely pursuing even short works. I have been doing that for almost ten years now, and this Patreon has been ongoing for three years.

While I appreciate greatly the money I receive through my RPG work, I am no longer excited by the projects I am undertaking. They have become well and truly work. At the same time, I have a desire to return to writing, and specifically long form. I’ve written—but never published—a couple of novels, and would like to pursue that again.

Stand by and follow me at my Patreon or on Twitter to get notified when the stories start coming.

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