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It’s been a while since I’ve had any news, any information on new products, and that will likely continue for a while, but I don’t feel right if I’m not working on something, and I’m a little too old to change that.

I have three projects at various stages that I’m working on, two of which will likely see a release.

1) Nefertiti Overdrive 2E: I’m updating Nefertiti Overdrive, both changing the structure of the book, and altering the mechanics. I’m removing the adventure and having the book focused on the game itself. The adventure that was included in the 1E book—Get Netiqret–will be released separately but at the same time as 2E.

This is the furthest along. I’m at the point where I am updating the text and have just finished the mechanics chapter. Still, it’ll likely be a few months before the book and the adventure are ready to be released. Everyone who backed the Kickstarter will be getting a copy of the new products. Everyone who purchased a PDF copy of Nefertiti Overdrive through the venues to which I have access will be provided with the adventure free and will be offered a substantial discount on the updated game.

2) Kiss My Axe 2E: Yes, I am going through and updating everything. It started with Sword’s Edge, then Sword Noir, now Nefertiti Overdrive and Kiss My Axe. How long until I go back to Centurion? Let’s see.

Right now, I am at the research phase, with a substantial queue of books and academic articles on the Viking Age. The research has actually informed some mechanical changes to the rules. This one is much farther off on the horizon. I also have some ideas for adventures, so hopefully once KMA2 is out in the wild, there’ll be some follow projects to share.

3) Lost Earth: This is a game and setting which is in the playtest phase right now. It’s a fantasy setting, and the mechanics are based on taking competent but pedestrian characters and turning them into legends as they repair a broken world. A playtest document and character primer is written, but the playtest only JUST started, so this has the longest horizon, and—given the money needed to deliver it properly—likely the setting will never get released, though the RPG might if it’s a success.

Or bowing to inculcated Protestant work ethic guilt.

So that’s me right now. More than a few pots on the boil, but they are all labours of love, so it doesn’t really feel like work.

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