One Down But Work Continues

With Nefertiti Overdrive 2E out in the wild, my trifecta is down to a duology, and work is proceeding apace on both.

One note here is on print editions. The main cost for print editions—along with my time—is indexing. It is precise, painstaking work for which I am poorly engineered. If I would like someone else to do it, it comes at a cost—and SEP will only just start turning a profit this month. So, while print editions for Nefertiti Overdrive 2E and later Kiss My Axe may happen, they will be slow in coming.

Kiss My Axe is in the research phase, but this is also leading to some design decisions and evident changes in the mechanics and focus.

Image by Dmitriy Tereshchenko

The new edition of Kiss My Axe is heavily influenced by the work of Drs. Cat Jarman, Neil Price, and Johanna Katrin Frioriksdottir. What this means is that KMA is much closer in many ways to Sword’s Edge, in that combat is not the main focus. The world of the Vikings was absolutely one of violence, but heroes had many ways of gaining fame and the loyalty of a warband. Glory, after all, is the point of life, and while prowess in combat is perhaps the main way in which Vikings rose to prominence, it was not the only way. The player characters in Sword’s Edge games—including Kiss My Axe—are meant to be special, which means that like many figures in Scandinavian myth and history, they have many ways to gain their fame and glory.

It also means that the Aspects which define the PCs are quite different than the previous version. This version will focus on the fourfold person of at least one interpretation of Viking belief. This likely belief held that each person was the sum of four factors—really, independent personages that could influence the choices and fate of an individual—which I am calling Shape, Soul, Luck, and Line (hamr, hugr, hamingja, and fylgja). These can be in conflict or they can be aligned, but they all contribute to a character’s success of failure.

I’m looking at likely another two or three months before the new edition will be ready for release, though that depends on how many other sources I find that I want to consult before moving forward.

And the Lost Earth playtest continues. The mechanics still need a lot of stress testing, so this will also be a slow process. The system itself may come out on its own without the attendant setting and campaign—given the cost of graphic support—but that is not yet certain. If I think I have created something different enough from my other systems, I’ll prepare it for an pdf-release at least.

And that is what’s happening right now. If I have any exciting news or progress, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Until then, stay frosty!

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