Farewell OGL

Resistance Earth RPG cover. A lone figure faces a desolate landscape, their rifle on their back.

There’s been some . . . issues with Wizards of the Coast recent handling of the Open Game Licence, the licence that SEP published almost all of its first products–many of them under the d20 sub-licence. I still have a bunch of OGL products out there, some of them very recent, using newer rules’ sets.

But the recent attempt to pull the rug from under creators by WotC, probably to please their corporate masters at Hasbro, has soured me on the OGL entirely. I invested a lot of time into these products, and a bunch of them are not anywhere near paying that off, but I’d rather just be done with them and snip that cord. Get free of it.

I’m lucky. I can do this. Many probably can’t. That’s no moral judgment. It’s a business one, and I respect that. Fuck the management at WotC and Hasbro, but not the developers and not the third-party developers, who love the game and the art of design.

So grab stuff while you can. Stuff is 1/2 off until 31 Jan, when it disappears. Some of it might come back–there is a lot of writing in there–but there’s no guarantee. We’ll see.

I’d prefer you to grab stuff at Compose Dream Games or itch, but a lot of my OGL stuff is available only at Drive Thru RPG.

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