State of the SEP

It’s been quiet here—no surprise there—but I have been steadily moving forward on a collection of projects.

If you haven’t been tracking it, the Kickstarter for Nefertiti Overdrive 2.0 was successful. The text is written, but it’s now going through a cultural consultant, it then needs to go through an editor, get set for layout, and then have an index completed for it before it’s released. That’ll probably be the end of the summer or early fall 2024.

Right now, I’ve released The Republic of the Spheres. This was the outcome of a charity game I ran. My place of work has an annual charity auction at Christmas, and I offered to design and run a game based on the players’ input. The Republic of the Spheres is the product of that. I’m offering it free because it hasn’t been fully tested and the setting is very barebones. But I think it might be of interest and—based on the minimal testing I’ve put it through—the system works.

That’s available for free at and soon at Composed Dream Games Marketplace.

Next to come will be The Abyss and the Cult—this is an update of three adventures formerly published separately that share a single story. This series of adventures will be collected together and the single product will include the stats for both Sword’s Edge and Head Crushers.

These two projects are actually complete, although only one of them has been released as of this update. The project I’m working on now is Centurion Core. This isn’t so much an update of Centurion: Legionaries of Rome, but a separation of the game system from the period elements. Those will be released separately as Facta Et Verba supplements: these will be only a discussion of the periods and the legions at that time. There will be Facta Et Verba supplements for The Late Republic, The Civil Wars, The Principate, and the Crisis of the Third Century. These were all included in Centurion: Legionaries of Rome, so those who have that game won’t need the Core or any of the Facta Et Verba supplements.

Following that project, I will begin updating all the Nefertiti Overdrive adventures to 2.0.

So that’s what’s on the plate. I think it’s enough for the next little while.

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