Fraser’s 2011 Gen Con Schedule

This post is going to be my little Gen Con scheduler . .  .or something. Basically, this will let you know where I’m doing whatever I am doing. I’m hoping to showcase Kiss My Axe: Thirteen Warriors and an Angel of Death and Sword Noir, meaning I’m hoping to run some games. If you see an opening and want to game, let me know.

I’ll be updating this page as plans are made. I hope I’ll see you there.


1000 – 1400 Games on Demand, Crowne Plaza : Pennsylvania Station C
1500 – 1900 Sword Noir One-Shot “Crossing the Millers” at Embassy Suites
1930 – 2330 Social Event

1430 – 1630 Interviews
1700 – 2100 Sword Noir One-Shot “Crossing the Millers” at Embassy Suites

1000 – 1400 Games on Demand, Crowne Plaza : Pennsylvania Station C
1500 – 1900 Playing Old School Hack
2000 – 2300 Media Meet & Greet at Union Station Basement

Heading home.

Pining for the Fjords . . . er Gen Con actually

Y’know, last year, on the ride home from Gen Con, I stated that I didn’t need to go to Gen Con again. That I had done it, and with the milestone passed, I didn’t need to return.

Now I’m seeing all the tweets and all the pics coming out of Gen Con—David from the Podgecast has a fucking stripper pole in his hotel room—and I shrink a little.

What I loved about Gen Con was the meetings. Accidental Rob, Colin, and I met so many cool people, the gaming was incidental. In fact, except for the absolute fucking gaming high-point of the table with the Fist Full of Comics and Games crew, Rob and Colin, all the gaming was done among us three. And we didn’t do that much gaming. We talked gaming. We talked gaming like a motherfucker.

So, yeah, it’s not that I pine for Gen Con in particular, I pine for the parties and the conversations and the seminars and whatever in which one meets awesome folk.

Damn. Now I want to go to Gen Con.

Woe is me.

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The Accidental Survivors would like to ask you a favour. We’d like you to head on over to the RPG Podcast Listener Survey and take the aforementioned survey there. Actual figures and information on listeners is tough to get, and this is a multi-cast attempt to put something together. Rob from Bearswarm put together a promo as well. Expect to hear it in an episode soon. myfukincoffee

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Collateral Now On Warpig Radio


25 FEB 2009: The Accidental Survivors,, launched a new show called Collateral today. A concentrated burst of the inspiration and opinion listeners have come to expect from the Accidental Survivors, Collateral is a weekly podcast on role-playing game related topics. Unlike the Accidental Survivors podcast, Collateral will cast further afield than just modern gaming. Any topic connected to role-playing games is grist for this mill.

Collateral is available online and will also be featured as a regular program on War Pig Radio,, the internet radio station for gamers.

ABOUT THE ACCIDENTAL SURVIVORS: Beginning in September of 2006, the Accidental Survivors have brought their diverse perspectives to topics relating to role-playing games in the modern genre. With advice, interviews, and reviews, the Accidental Survivors cover the modern gaming scene. POC: Fraser Ronald,

ABOUT WAR PIG RADIO: War Pig Radio broadcasts game-related programming 24 hours a day. War Pig is available online, through syndication on gaming websites and blogs, and is played over the speakers at a growing number of local game retailers. POC: Ed Healy,

The Accidental Survivors Podcast, Episode 025: Good Modern Gaming

One would expect that a discussion of good gaming would include good gamers, or at least substantially skilled gamers. Well, we can’t promise you that, we can only promise the Accidental Survivors opining about Good Modern Gaming. If you’ve got the time to waste, they’ve got the hot air to expel. Luckily, it’s only coming out of their mouths. Get ready to be impressed, or at least amused . . . possibly disappointed. You won’t know until you give it a listen.

Accidental Survivors Episode 024: Pre-Modern Modern

You can check out the latest episode right here.

WARNING: Instances of very strong language may offend some listeners.

Sponsored by Sword’s Edge Publishing
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This episode we welcome Mike Lafferty the author of Wizards & Wiseguys, Modern Dispatch (#118): Pirates20: The Golden Age of Piracy, the 6th Seal, and Defcon 1, among others.

1. News & Views

PCGen v5.13.12 (Beta) released! Release notes here.

In memory of the late E. Gary Gygax, Sword’s Edge Publishing will be donating its revenues from March and April to the Christian Children’s Fund, a charity to which his family has indicated Mr. Gygax was much endeared.

The Escapistcast

2. Feature: Franchise Fiasco

Get read for the flood of links! Stand well away from the screen.
Brotherhood of the Wolf; d20 Past; A Mighty Fortress; Witchhunter; Savage Worlds of Solomon Kane; Chuck’s Web novel, Hellstrom Voyage; Patrick O’Brien; Master and Commander; Last of the Mohicans; Louisbourg; Beast of Gévaudan; His Majesty’s Dragon; William Walker; Filibusters/Freebooters; British East India Company; Zulu; The Thing (and the original); HP Lovecraft; Sir Richard Burton (the explorer); First Footsteps in East Africa; Mountains of the Moon; Mutants and Masterminds; DC Universe; Gotham by Gaslight; Deadlands; Transcontinental Railway (Canada); Wormhole; Sewers of Paris; Steampunk Musha; Crimson Skies; Saving Private Ryan; Dog Soldiers; An American Werewolf in London; The Keep; Operation Jedburgh and the adventure from Empty Room Studios

Game Bag Review Show

3. Inspiration

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen; The Difference Engine and the In our Time episode with Ada Lovelace; Tunguska Event; Cast a Deadly Spell; Arrowsmith; Flyboys; Public Enemies; The Imperial Age line from Adamant Entertainment, specifically London, British India and the Gamemaster’s Guidebook to Victorian Adventure; The Anubis Gates

4. The Hook

One explanation of the Tunguska Event; Tesla (and the David Bowie reference); Rasputin; Hellboy

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6. Pimpage Zone

Don’t forget to check out Defcon 1.