Sword’s Edge is a generic role-playing game that is designed so that character’s are based on descriptive terms and the conflict resolution system is fast, consistent, and easy to master.

Sword’s Edge

Sword's Edge Cover

Did you want to play a showdown at high noon? A fight with the cardinal’s guards? Did you want to protect the Systems Alliance from an alien horde, or hunt down the goblins that attacked a village of innocent peasants?

Sword’s Edge is a streamlined role-playing game that allows you to simulate a variety of genres with a focus on characters and stories. Its simple mechanics allow for quick resolution but also quick preparation. This is a game that gives you a robust framework on which to play and then gets out of your way.

Sword’s Edge is available on itch.io.

Lawless Heaven

Lawless Heaven Cover

Four cops. One hundred criminals. Countless broken bones. In this homage to modern Korean action cinema, three cops and an intelligence operative in South Korea’s industrial heartland face off against a local gang involved in a heroin smuggling ring. The cops have only one order: bust the ring, but no one realizes the true depth of this particular cesspool.

Lawless Heaven is a Sword’s Edge adventure for two to six characters. It includes six pre-generated characters and supplemental rules for chase scenes.

You can find Lawless Heaven at itch.io.

Face ‘Splosion

Face 'Splosion Cover

A freelance intelligence operative who uses the codename Angel has put a bounty out on herself. If a hunter can get her to a Federated Services terminal, she will be able to transfer a large amount of currency into their account. And the characters are the best hunters in the galaxy.

Face ‘Splosion is a Sword’s Edge adventure of running and gunning, high octane action on a desolate planet far from the “civilized” systems. It includes six pre-generated characters and supplementary rules for vehicles.

You can find Face ‘Splosion at itch.io.

For A Few Swords More

Cover for A Few Sword's More

For A Few Swords More is a campaign framework that takes some of the standard plots and tropes of Westerns and transplants them into a Sword & Sorcery setting. While the framework takes inspiration from the plots of Western movies, the setting is pre-industrial, inspired by Ango-Saxon England and including elements of magic and the supernatural.

The campaign framework offers a suggested plot, some characters, some locations, and example challenges. It provides the tools a GM needs to run the adventures and includes six pre-generated characters.

You can find For A Few Swords More at itch.io.

HardCASE: the CASE Files

HardCASE cover

On a mission to hunt down an arms dealer connected to several high profile assassinations, operatives iof the secretive CASE – the Clandestine Activities Special Executive – uncover a link between a Russian cutting edge science program and North Korean arms smugglers. What are they planning and how can CASE stop them?

HardCASE is a near-future action-thriller adventure for Sword’s Edge, and cntainsa new addition to the rules for Challenges in Sword’s Edge and presents six pre-generated operatives from CASE.

You can find HardCASE at itch.io.

Six Stood Alone

Six Stood Along Cover

One village fears the return of a group of border reivers. They have very little to provide as a reward, but the heroes take them up on their offer. Learning about the enemies they will face, do the heroes risk their lives for a pittance? What drives them? Why would they do so? Set in the border area of Scotland and England in the mid sixteenth century, this adventure is inspired by the Seven Samurai and the Magnificent Seven.

Six Stood Alone includes a new addition to the rules for Scene Elements, and Retainers and Allies. It contains six pre-generated characters.

You can find Six Stood Alone at itch.io.

Poles of Power

It’s the turn of the 11th century BCE in the Mediterranean. The kingdoms of the Achaean Greeks, the empire of the Hittites, the trade centre of Troy, and the powerful city-states that line the coast have fallen. Egypt faces ruin. The world, as you know it, is ending.

Welcome to the Late Bronze Age Collapse.

Poles of Power is an adventure for is a historical adventure, with a short discussion of the period, and six pre-generated characters.

You can find Poles of Power at itch.io.


The arms traders of the world are abuzz about a new deal that is coming—someone is selling something, but the details are secret. Analysis suggests it is a weapon of mass destruction, some kind of strategic system for which many groups and even nations are vying. The sellers are mysterious, but the ripples they make in the arms underworld is significant—this is a heavy-weight, suggesting this isn’t just a rumour or a false positive. A real threat is brewing out there, but no one knows what and no one knows where.

With little intelligence a few options, the executive activates the Clandestine Activities Special Executive. CASE is beyond secret, with a budget hidden in a riddle wrapped in an enigma. It needs to find out what is being sold, who is selling it, and then stop them from doing so.

You can find Op REDEMPTION at itch.io.


A mysterious arms trading organization holds a scientist’s family hostage somewhere in the former Soviet Republic of Albenistan. With little support and less information, shadowy the Clandestine Activities Special Executivesends the operators of its Detachment to affect a rescue. But the opposition is dug in. It has hired mercenaries, subverted local law enforcement, and bought off the national security forces. There are a lot of guns and not a lot of options.

Op RETALIATION is a sequel to Op REDEMPTION and is continued in Op RETRIBUTION. Also included in this 70-page PDF are setting information on the fictional country of Albenistan, the fictional city of Isherbazi, and six pre-generated characters.

You can find Op RETALIATION at itch.io.


The mysterious criminal network known as Technician 67 may be vulnerable. After crossing paths with a covert detachment from the Clandestine Activities Special Executive, its representatives have surfaced in the Central Asian Republic of Albenistan. With Technician 67 ready to sell weapons of mass destruction and even the scientists who create them to the highest bidder, CASE now seeks to uncover the serpent in the grass, but it may have uncovered a dragon rather than an asp. Inside hostile territory, the CASE detachment faces a ruthless adversary with immense resources.

Op RETRIBUTION is the third adventure in a series that started with Op REDEMPTION and continued with Op RETALIATION. Also included in this 90-page PDF are setting information on the fictional country of Albenistan, the fictional city of Khorforjan, and six pre-generated characters.

You can find Op RETRIBUTION at itch.io.