Farewell OGL

Resistance Earth RPG cover. A lone figure faces a desolate landscape, their rifle on their back.

There’s been some . . . issues with Wizards of the Coast recent handling of the Open Game Licence, the licence that SEP published almost all of its first products–many of them under the d20 sub-licence. I still have a bunch of OGL products out there, some of them very recent, using newer rules’ sets.

But the recent attempt to pull the rug from under creators by WotC, probably to please their corporate masters at Hasbro, has soured me on the OGL entirely. I invested a lot of time into these products, and a bunch of them are not anywhere near paying that off, but I’d rather just be done with them and snip that cord. Get free of it.



While Nefertiti Overdrive didn’t fund, I’m pretty sure I’m not just going to let it lie. I love this game. I love the experience around the table. I want to get this out there to people who got excited over it only to watch it die. So, no promises, but I am definitely exploring ways to pursue a release of Nefertiti Overdrive.

But very soon my home group in Ottawa will be completing the Nefertiti Overdrive campaign and we will be moving on to something else. I hope that this will be something that I might also be able to crowd-fund, but that’s getting a few steps ahead.

Right now, my group is mulling over the three options I offered. Those options only have working titles, and they are all more or less mash-ups, kind of like Nefertiti Overdrive was a mash-up of sword & sandal and wire-fu.

The three options are:

1) The Free Lances: the Black Company meets Shogun – the PCs are the foreign bodyguards of the Necromancer Queen who need to protect her from her husband, returning from the grave and siphoning off her powers.

2) A Team of Losers: the recent A-Team movie and the Losers comics meets Supernatural – the PCs are a spec ops force conducting foreign internal defence in the Central Asian Republic of Albenistan when everything gets all paranormal.

3) Starship Commandos: Heinlein’s Starship Troopers meets Aliens – the PCs are Colonial Rangers, tip of the spear light infantry utilizing the state-of-the-art powered armour known as Harnesses, sent down to the planet of Logan’s Cross which has unexpectedly gone completely dark.

I’ll let you know which one my group picks. You never know, I might have plans for the others games as well.