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Osiris: Running Silent

More than 200 downloads of Operation Nearscape since its release less than two weeks ago, and not one piece of feedback. I got a very nice review from Megan Robertson, and she seems to think that she would welcome more, … Continue reading

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Operations Nearscape: an Osiris File

The DNA of an astronaut and naval aviator declared MIA in 2006 has been found in a fragment from the Tunguska event of 1908. Is the aviator alive? How could his DNA be involved in the explosion of the Tunguska … Continue reading

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I Ask Again: What Now?

Cross-posted at Sword’s Edge I can see the end of Dark Horizons on the—dare I say it/write it—horizon. So, what to do next? What to do with SEP? Most blogination happens over at Sword’s Edge, with the occasional personal post … Continue reading

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The Osiris Campaign: System and Style

I am two sessions into my first Mundus Novit campaign using Mutants & Masterminds (Second Edition). It’s interesting how a rules set and player interest can change a game’s direction. I know True20 pretty well. I’ve run a few different … Continue reading

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Quo Vadis?

Where are we going? That’s a good question. This recent, short hiatus did provide me with some time to think, as I nursed a couple of sick kids through a lot of coughing and nose drizzle. Here’s what I concluded. … Continue reading

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Osiris Rising

Update (18 May 2020): The experiment that was the Osiris Files never got off the ground. No feedback or expression of interest was ever received. The product is no longer available. The Osiris Files series The Osiris Files take place … Continue reading

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