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A Quick Look at Nefertiti Overdrive

A quick rundown of Nefertiti Overdrive from the owner of Composed Dream Games who is also a friend. I think he’s pretty fair in how he presents it, so it’s a good preview if someone is interested in it. You … Continue reading

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Improving Sword Noir

I got a two-star review for Sword Noir over at RPG Now/Drive-thru RPG which brought up some very salient points. It’s unfortunate that Sword Noir didn’t work for this individual, and with the Sword’s Edge System now out for free, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Spycraft 2.0 Pocket Edition

Summary: Excellent, but too much crunch for my taste. 4 bullets out of 5 Review I picked up the Spycraft 2.0 pocket edition some time ago. The price was right and Flaming Cobra doesn’t gouge Canadian customers with shipping (unlike, … Continue reading

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Re-Reviewing True20

Didn’t get enough juice to inform your True20 buying decision from theAccidental Survivors’ review? Here’s another one, this time slightly less chaotic (slightly). After using True20 for his Viking campaign, Fraser re-reviews it based on his play experiences. His verdict … Continue reading

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