Changing the Changed World

Those of you who have followed the Accidental Survivors know something of Mundus Novit, the Changed World, which is a modern d20 campaign setting I was writing for joint release with another publisher. That publisher was Silven Publishing, and Silven has gone out of business. I’d be upset, except Dark Quest Games picked it up and now I’m revising it. There were some aspects of the setting dictated by Silven that I wasn’t 100% behind, so now I can change those.

Magic is no longer the result of a virus, but something that has been around forever, though secret. The virus released by the secret super-soldier program has physically altered those infected by it. There are also “parapsychic” powers.

So, a fair amount of work to be done. Neal at DQG is hoping to see a final draft by the end of December. I hope I can deliver.