While Nefertiti Overdrive didn’t fund, I’m pretty sure I’m not just going to let it lie. I love this game. I love the experience around the table. I want to get this out there to people who got excited over it only to watch it die. So, no promises, but I am definitely exploring ways to pursue a release of Nefertiti Overdrive.

But very soon my home group in Ottawa will be completing the Nefertiti Overdrive campaign and we will be moving on to something else. I hope that this will be something that I might also be able to crowd-fund, but that’s getting a few steps ahead.

Right now, my group is mulling over the three options I offered. Those options only have working titles, and they are all more or less mash-ups, kind of like Nefertiti Overdrive was a mash-up of sword & sandal and wire-fu.

The three options are:

1) The Free Lances: the Black Company meets Shogun – the PCs are the foreign bodyguards of the Necromancer Queen who need to protect her from her husband, returning from the grave and siphoning off her powers.

2) A Team of Losers: the recent A-Team movie and the Losers comics meets Supernatural – the PCs are a spec ops force conducting foreign internal defence in the Central Asian Republic of Albenistan when everything gets all paranormal.

3) Starship Commandos: Heinlein’s Starship Troopers meets Aliens – the PCs are Colonial Rangers, tip of the spear light infantry utilizing the state-of-the-art powered armour known as Harnesses, sent down to the planet of Logan’s Cross which has unexpectedly gone completely dark.

I’ll let you know which one my group picks. You never know, I might have plans for the others games as well.

Nefertiti Got Driven Over

Nefertiti Overdrive CoverFor those of you not keeping track, Nefertiti Overdrive: Ancient Egyptian Wuxia didn’t fund. I have to consider what I’m going to do next, but my choices boil down to 1) let it drop, it’s done, 2) package it as it stands and sell it, or 3) try the crowd-funding route again.

I haven’t made any decisions yet, but stick with me and I’ll let you know.

For now, I’m on a break. Time to watch some TV and play some computer games. I think Fallout: New Vegas is calling. (Yes, I’m that far behind on my computer games)

Shadows of Wang Zhi

Cover mock up for Nefertiti OverdriveWe have less than a day and around $3,000 left to raise. That number hasn’t moved much. I’m going for a last-ditch blitz, and I’ve added a little something to the book to hopefully raise a bit more interest.

The new appendix to the book is called Shadows of Wang Zhi, adapting the Nefertiti Overdrive system to Ming Dynasty China as a setting in the same ahistorical vein as Ancient Egypt. This section will provide a backdrop for adventures closer to the roots of literary wuxia, though with plenty of wire-fu action thrown in. The characters play virtuous agents of the secretive North Depot (entirely fictional), a police organization aimed at ferreting out corruption and criminality within the Eastern Depot, the law enforcement department oppressing the people of Beijing. The characters come into conflict with the eunuch Wang Zhi, a creature of the powerful consort Lady Wan pretending to be a loyal agent of the emperor.

Can you dig it?

You can support Nefertiti Overdrive here.

You can learn more about Nefertiti Overdrive here and here.

We Support Flying Spin Kicks

Nefertiti Overdrive CoverWe have less than two days to go and slightly less than $3,000 CAD to raise in order to fund Nefertiti Overdrive: Ancient Egyptian Wuxia. That’s a daunting task. I’ve seen rallies at the end for many campaigns, so I’m not giving up hope. I’ll be spamming my social networks, and I’d appreciate any visibility you can bring to this project.

If you thinking launching yourself off the shoulders of an unsuspecting Assyrian soldier into order to flying spin kick another in the face is a good idea, you need to make Nefertiti Overdrive happen.

You can support Nefertiti Overdrive here.

You can learn more about Nefertiti Overdrive here and here.

Nefertiti Overdrive Testdrive

Nefertiti Overdrive CoverI’m planning to run two sessions of Nefertiti Overdrive on Google Hangout using the Roll20 app. This is a chance to testdrive the system if you’ve been unsure if this is something you want to support.

Though, honestly, if you are here, I would really, really hope you want to support me creating cool stuff.

The catch is you will need to back the Nefertiti Overdrive Kickstarter at the Acolyte of the Scarab level (the level for getting the PDF). If you decide you don’t want to support the game after the testdrive, you can cancel your pledge at any time.

So if you want to kick badguys in the face in Ancient Egypt, and you are free next week on Monday or Wednesday evening (Eastern Standard Time), go back Nefertiti Overdrive and get in on the action.

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You can find the Nefertiti Overdrive Kickstarter here.

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