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Dogs is Out, Kheufer is In

The adventure for Sword Noir on which I have been working under the title Scroll Dogs is now titled the Kheufer Scrolls. The adventure is done, maps are done, and I thus I thought the manuscript was done . . … Continue reading

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Gutting Mooks in Sword Noir

Eloy Cintron had a few questions about the combat system in Sword Noir, and he agreed to allow me to share them. If you haven’t purchased your copy of Sword Noir: A Role-playing Game of Hardboiled Sword & Sorcery, I … Continue reading

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Where Be Dragons? Beasties and Sword Noir

Curt Meyer had an interesting comment about Sword Noir that I wanted to answer here. Curt said: “My only complaint is no bestiary. Conan and the Grey Mouser both battle weird creatures from beyond, etc.” Curt agreed to me answering … Continue reading

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Monthly Sales for April

Wow, what a month. We added Sword Noir on 3 April and we’ve sold 106 copies by 30 April. Considering that makes it our third highest selling product (not counting free stuff), that’s a heck of a paradigm shift in … Continue reading

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