The Good, The Bad, The Weird . . . Overdrive


Sorry I’ve been so quiet. I am actually getting work done – both coursework and a little RPG work which I’ll share shortly.

For now, I just want to remind you that the Good, the Bad, the Weird was an amazing movie, and you could probably run it using Nefertiti Overdrive (sure you could)

Take the character of Park Do-won (the Good). Let’s stat him out.

Concept d6/d10 Bounty Hunter; Reluctant Paladin
Elements d6/d8 Lever-action Rifle; Fearless
Traits d6/d8 Physical; Social
Drivers d6/d8 Empowered by the hunt; Justice and profit

Find the Finger Chopper and bring him to justice
Oppose the Japanese when I can

Although Park is a bounty hunter and he is interested in both profit and the chance to discover treasure, he can’t help but protect the weak when he sees injustice. He is definitely a reluctant hero, but if you consider that the institutions of law in Manchuria at the time were controlled by the Japanese, who were as bad as any other colonial masters, it’s understandable that he wouldn’t want to be a sheriff or other sort of law enforcement official. And while he has the good sense to know when the odds are stacked too high against him, threats to life and limb don’t seem to slow him down at all, and he’ll run through a hail of bullets or swing one-handed high above every one else, firing with his rifle as he does, in his pursuit of his quarry.

On The Edge

Not exactly true, but at a loss for catchy titles.

First, I’ve been getting lots of notice from people who are receiving their copies of Nefertiti Overdrive. For those who didn’t back the Kickstarter (what, no love for Egyptian kung fu?), the book+PDF package will be available from Indie Press Revolution on 19 Oct for $25.95. The book should be available from Amazon on the same day at the same price (so you should buy the book from Indie Press Revolution if you can). I still have not received my proof from Drive Thru for the POD, so I’m not comfortable going live with the POD until I’m certain of its quality. The PDF will be available on 19 Oct, but probably not the POD.

Second, the big announcement I’ve been hinting at won’t be happening. I was planning on starting a Patreon dedicated to adventures. I have plenty of adventures for Sword Noir, Centurion, and Nefertiti Overdrive that I thought I could get into publishable condition with the help of Patreon. Now, that’s not going to happen because . . .

Third, I have started a Master’s program. The first two weeks have royally kicked my ass. Part of the problem is I am in the middle of a temporary assignment that is a nice promotion, but is a lot of admin work and cat-herding. I come home pretty burned out. There’s no way I’d survive working full time, seeing my family, getting my course work done, and writing RPG stuff, so something had to give.

That something is going to be SEP.

This isn’t permanent. I am hoping that as I get further into my Master’s program, it’ll get more manageable (or I’ll just get better at managing it). As of April, I go back to my regular job, which is busy but which I actually enjoy, so I’ll be coming home with a bit more gas in the tank. At the very worst, I should be done my Master’s by Apr 2017 (I have money for this fiscal year and the next to study from my work, so either I graduate or that dries up).

At some point SEP will be back. I hope everyone that’s been so supportive remains interested in games like A League of Extraordinary Misfits and Dream Riggers. For now, SEP is going into hibernation.

Expect little on this channel except static and the occasional burst transmission of information.

Stay frosty.


I’m actually really tired. All the Nefertiti Overdrive Kickstarter rewards are in the mail, so it feels like it’s done. It won’t actually be done until everyone gets their rewards, but given our postal system, I can’t even guess when that will be. I know some backers have already received their books, so that makes me happy. Now I just feel like I want to crawl into bed and sleep for a week. Day-job has been ass-kickingly brutal, so that hasn’t helped.

On or around 19 Oct – depending on how well I can get the various storefronts and distributors to play nice with my attempts – Nefertiti Overdrive will be available for sale. I will, of course, be posting an announcement here.

And once I am up to it, I’ll have an announcement about what I’ll be doing next. I hope it’ll be welcome and possibly even exciting.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I shall go collapse.

This Week’s Normal

Is me signing books, making what I hope are amusing comments in books, and then putting said books in envelopes and addressing those envelopes.

So maybe you won’t be seeing as much of me around here at SEP this week. The good news is that once these are all in the mail, I can turn to other projects.

And for those who didn’t back Nefertiti Overdrive when it was on Kickstarter, it should be hitting Amazon and One Book Shelf (RPG Now and Drive Thru RPG) in the week of 19 Oct.