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For Simple Coin: Four Tales of Sword Noir

Calum scratched at his stubbled cheek. Mandas wasn’t his friend. The Blackhands certainly weren’t his friends. Why hire him? “What are you offering?” “I need something collected. I figured you’d need the work.” Mandas the Grunt was a real boot-tread … Continue reading

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Sword Noir Sneak Peek: Qualities

This is your first sneak peek at the actual rules in Sword Noir: an RPG of Hardboiled Sword & Sorcery. That’s not counting the development of the game at the Accidental Survivors forums. I mean, that was a real sneak … Continue reading

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Arcane Kingdoms

Across the seas or perhaps trackless deserts, places of legend in stories told by sailors who have seen the edges of the world, these Arcane Kingdoms are beyond the knowledge of many. But here, collected in these pages, is all … Continue reading

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