Centurion in the Bundle of Holding

Things are quiet because I am working really hard to have all the text for Nefertiti Overdrive completed by the end of this month. I have a chance to really get ahead of this project, so it’s nose to the grindstone.

But I’m here to talk about my earlier Kickstarter success, Centurion: Legionaries of Rome. It is now available as part of the IGDN Bundle of Holding. If you haven’t picked it up previously, here’s a chance to get it along with a bunch of other awesome games.

Go get it now!

And There Was Great Rejoicing

Nefertiti Overdrive has funded. We hit the first stretch goal, so the final product will include maps for the adventure. It also means I’ll be a little bit quiet for the next few weeks as I finish writing and preparing the text for editing.

Thanks to everyone who supported the Kickstarter or got the word out to others who might. Exciting times.

Get Ready for the Boss Fight!

Temple Fight by Kieron O’Gorman

We are almost at the end of the Kickstarter campaign for Nefertiti Overdrive. We areĀ at 127% of our funding and about $700 away from our first stretch goal – which would include maps in the adventure. If you haven’t supported this yet, help a brother out. If you are reading this, you are someone who digs my work. So throw $7 or $20 in to the pot to get this as cheap as you’ll ever get it. And then everyone gets maps.

Also? Ass-kicking.