May Update

Cyber-state Avatar Toolkit: Now in editing. Expect to see this available in June. It still requires layout, but it should come out to about 7 or 8 pages in length. This will be released as part of the Modern Dispatch series.

Military Recon: 75% complete. This product has been revised to meet the Roles & Classes standard and format. It still requires some minor work and will be our release after the Cyber-state Avatar Toolkit. Expect this one in July.

Shadow Op: 50% complete. Like Military Recon, this product requires revision. The basic text is complete but needs alterations and additions to fit into the Roles & Classes line.

Covert Forces Redux in Print

 Covert Forces Redux is now available as a perfectbound book with black and white interiors. You can find it and other SEP print products at our Lulu store.

 Covert Forces Redux cover

Based on the acclaimed Covert Forces, Covert Forces Redux is a d20 Modern supplement, updated and expanded to almost double its original size. Here you’ll find all the information you need to play operators in some of the world’s most famous special operations forces. With extensive descriptions of Australia’s SASR, Canada’s JTF-2, the US’ Delta Force and SEALs, and the United Kingdom’s SAS and SBS, it also includes concise descriptions of 44 other special operations forces from Algeria’s Saaykaa to the Ukraine’s Spetznaz Brigade. This PDF also includes feats, combat options, rules for “fluid situations”–from ambushes to snipers–new pieces of equipment, new weapons, and new vehicles.

Covert Forces Redux is indespensible for players and game masters interested in exploring the world of spec ops.