State of the Sword

Just checking in to let you know I am still here. With Nefertiti Overdrive finally done (if anything is truly done) and having embarked on my master’s course, I have very little time for game design.

I will be running a one-shot of a friend’s game – ScreenPlay. You can read about it at G+. If you are interested in joining the on-line game on Monday, 1 Dec, be sure to drop me a line and let me know.

Play-testing of Dream Riggers continues apace. The foundational elements of the game appear sound, and now I am adding on more parts to see what can fit and what can’t, and how it will all interact.

When I do have some time, I am slowly working on a minor update to Sword Noir. I’ve learned a lot about game design since I released Sword Noir, but I am not intent on a major overhaul – it seems to be well-enough liked – I just want to tweak it to make it work better.

All that aside, I won’t be coming by that often unless I have something momentous to tell you. And I really don’t expect to have anything momentous to tell you.