Quarterly Sales for First Quarter, 2013

I haven’t done a sales report since December 2012. I think you can all understand (if there is indeed anyone out there reading this . . . I have my doubts) that Centurion is taking up most of my free time. However, monthly sales for SEP are also quite minimal, as past reports should have revealed. Granted, switching to a quarterly report means even less appearing on these pages, but while work on Centurion goes forward, I think that’s the best option. Sales will likely not see an increase until Centurion is available for sale.

So, for the first quarter of 2013:

Total Sales for First Quarter 2013
Election Day, 1
Khorforjan Gambit, 4
Qalashar Device, 4
Raid On Ashkashem, 4

Arcane Kingdoms
Arcane Kingdoms, 3
For Simple Coin, 2

Covert Forces
Covert Forces Redux, 3
In Her Majesty’s Service, 1

Cyber-state Avatar Toolkit, 1
Operation Nearscape, Free Product, 12

Sword’s Edge System
Crossing the Millers, 10
Kheufer Scrolls, 10
Kiss My Axe, 17
Suffer the Witch, 4
Sword’s Edge System, Free Rules, 114
Sword Noir, 26

Total Sales to Date
Albenistan: Election Day (Modern Dispatch 113): 33
Khorforjan Gambit: 112
Qalashar Device: 125
Raid On Ashkashem: 166

Arcane Kingdoms
Arcane Kingdoms: 45
Gifts of the Elder Gods: 36
For Simple Coin: 59

Charity Products
Relief Effort: 55

Covert Forces
Canada’s Combined Security Reconnaissance Section: 101
Covert Forces: 100
Covert Forces Redux: 169
In Her Majesty’s Service: 140

Cyber-state Avatar Toolkit: 38
Line Zero: 36
Operation Nearscape, Free Product, 337

Sword’s Edge System
Crossing the Millers, 113
Kheufer Scrolls, 160
Kiss My Axe, 164
Suffer the Witch, 85
Sword’s Edge System, Free Rules 1326
Sword Noir 391

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